Butte First Presbyterian Church is a family of faith centered on our belief in Jesus Christ. Because of that belief, we seek to follow Jesus Christ’s way in our lives by loving God with everything we have and are.   

Our Summer Worship Service is at 9:00 A.M.   Please come and join us.


Our Round-Up will be held on September 13th.  Please join us after church in gym where you can learn of our church programs , areas of need, and consider what you might be interested in joining, all while enjoying the treats:

Some programs you can get involved in are:

  • Shalt shakers: Meet for dinners with a different group of people from the church.
  • No-Name Luncheon: Meets the 3rd Monday for a delicious lunch and program
  • Choir: Thursday at 7:00, we practice and sing during the worship service.
  • Adult Sunday School: We meet Sundays at 9;00 am up in the fireside room.
  • Women’s Bible Study: Meets Mondays at 9:30 or 5:30
  • Presbyterian Women, Men’s Bible Study and more…

Or maybe you would like to serve as the co-op member to one of the Ministry Units:

  • Christian Ed: Responsible for Adult Education, Nursery, Youth Ministry and Library.
  • Congregational Life: In charge of membership, hospitality and special get-togethers.
  • Support: Oversees the church finances, the building and grounds.
  • Witness: Helps with the worship services (greeters, ushers & liturgist) and missions.

Our Winter Worship Service will again be 10:30 as of September 13th.   Please come and join us.

As with many families, we’re not all the same. Some First Presbyterian Churchof us grew up as Presbyterians (or Methodists, Baptists, or Catholics…) but our faith journeys have brought us together for this time and in this place. When we gather together we try to honor our traditions while at the same time remaining open to what new thing God might be doing in our midst. Through it all, our prayer is that our lives, separate and together, might bear witness to the Good News — of the love of God in Jesus Christ.



called to follow; sent to serve